Obama Heads to the Stump After State of the Union

Campaign-style push is planned to tout Obama’s second-term agenda.

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President Obama will use traditional stumping, the social media and his personal political network to sell his agenda in a campaign style follow-up to Tuesday's State of the Union address.

Obama will employ the time-tested method of making campaign-style stops after his address Tuesday night. He plans to visit Asheville, N.C., Wednesday; Atlanta Thursday, and his hometown of Chicago Friday.

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But he will go well beyond the traditional by participating in a conference call with supporters just after his speech Tuesday night. The goal is to motivate Americans to pressure Congress into approving his initiatives.

The call is being arranged by Organizing for America, an advocacy group that is an offshoot of his re-election campaign and run by Obama's former campaign manager Jim Messina. "We've got momentum—let's keep it going," said OFA organizing director Jon Carson in an E-mail to Obama backers.

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Obama is also planning to take questions in a Google+ Hangout at 4:50 p.m. Eastern time Thursday. Google is inviting people to submit their questions before midnight Wednesday.

Obama has concluded that the best way to get his agenda moving in Congress is to create pressure from the grass roots instead of playing an inside game by courting or cajoling legislators on Capitol Hill, his advisers say. That's what this week will be all about.

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