Ron Paul Won't Disappear Now That GOP Convention's Over

Paul says he'll keep chugging, pushing his libertarian message, on Jay Leno's show Tuesday night.

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Former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul arrives for a rally in the Sun Dome at the University of South Florida on August 26, 2012 in Tampa, Fla.

Ron Paul fans: Take note. The former Republican presidential candidate hasn't faded into oblivion and his advisers say he will continue to spread his libertarian message across the country with occasional public appearances.

Paul, a congressman from Texas, built up a loyal if relatively small following during the GOP nominating contests, but didn't come close to dislodging Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee at the party's national convention in Tampa last week.

But Paul showed up on the Jay Leno show Tuesday night and seemed as feisty as ever.

He declined to endorse Romney, telling Leno he didn't know who he would vote for in November. "No clue. No clue," he said. "I'll keep plugging along."

Paul wasn't too impressed with Romney's acceptance speech. "It was nice," Paul told Leno. "He said a lot of nice things. It was very pleasant and all, but it wasn't the speech that I would give."

Paul had some decidedly unpleasant memories of the Republican nominating process. "I've been booed because I want to bring the troops home" from abroad, Paul said, referring to GOP debates. "I said, 'We just marched in. We can just march out.'"

Paul has spoken highly of Libertarian president nominee Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico, calling him "wonderful." But in an interview with Fox News, he declined to endorse Johnson. "Every individual should make up their own mind," Paul said.

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