Romney Camp Says Obama Has Failed Latinos

GOP argues Obama failed Latino business owners, throws Rubio into the fight.


TAMPA---Bristling over criticism from the Democrats that Mitt Romney is anti-Latino, based on my post earlier today, Romney aides sent me a pointed response a few minutes ago.

"President Obama and his allies can't obscure the fact that Hispanics have been hit disproportionately hard in the Obama economy, with double-digit Hispanic unemployment and millions more of our neighbors in poverty," said Romney spokesman Alberto Martinez in an email.

"Latino entrepreneurs and small business owners have also suffered from President Obama's policies of higher taxes and more regulation. Mitt Romney and [vice presidential running mate] Paul Ryan have a plan for a stronger middle class that will create 12 million new jobs, strengthen our education system, and give Hispanics--and all Americans--the chance to live the American dream."

The Romney campaign also linked to reports of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's comments on CBS today that Romney's economic policies would help all Americans.

Rubio also said that Romney is a "personal role model to younger men like me, as a father, as a husband. You look how successful his family has been. Everywhere that he has ever gone, whether in his church or his community, he has made it better, using his talents and his time."