Ron Paul Nation Wants Control Of Oregon

Perservering Ron Paul supporters press RNC for control of Oregon's state delegation to GOP convention.

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Turning heads in Des Moines, Rep. Ron Paul of Texas campaigns for the White House.

Add Oregon to the list of states where libertarian Ron Paul is tangling with establishment Republicans in the runup to the GOP national convention later this month.

Paul, a GOP congressman from Texas who is a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, was already waging battles over the makeup of delegations to the national gathering from Maine, Massachusetts, and Louisiana.

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Last weekend, Paul supporters made their move in Oregon.

In a plea to the Republican National Committee, they argued that because of Paul's strong showing at the state convention, Paul supporters should control the overall state delegation even though Paul lost the Oregon primary to presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney earlier this year.

As these battles and challenges over credentials are considered by the RNC, Romney, who has a majority of delegates, is expected to win most or all of the delegate fights and also the struggles over the party platform. It's possible, however, that the battles could be carried to the convention floor in Tampa, which would damage Romney's effort to demonstrate party unity as the fall campaign begins in earnest.

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