Obama Campaign Goes After Romney's Jobs Record As Governor

Obama cammpaign releases ad, statements attacking Mitt Romney's record as governor Massachusetts.

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President Obama's campaign has two words to describe Mitt Romney's agenda for the economy: empty promises. And Team Obama is promoting that negative vision more aggressively than ever.

The Obama campaign summarized its bill of particulars Friday, arguing, for example, that Romney had a weak record of job creation while he was governor of Massachusetts. An Obama spokesman said Romney's claims of a solid economic record amount to a "fairy tale."

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The Obama campaign made these points in a new TV ad being shown in battleground states and in interviews and news conferences by Obama surrogates across the country. This effort will continue indefinitely, according to strategists for Obama and the Democratic party, illustrating the fact that the economy is considered the issue that will make or break both candidates in the November election.

An Obama campaign spokesman told reporters Friday that voters should not believe "any of the same empty promises Romney made in Massachusetts but never fulilled: job creation lagged, the debt and deficit exploded, and taxes went up $750 million a year—he just called them fees (wink!)."

The Obama spokesman added: "Contradicting cable (TV) chatter that was never backed up by any facts, two sets of data came out this week (a Purple Strategies poll and battleground focus groups with Wal-Mart moms) that make clear that voters in key states have big concerns about Mitt Romney taking the values and the lessons he learned as a corporate buyout specialist, where his focus was on profit maximixation at any cost, to the Oval Office."

For their part, Romney campaign officials say the former governor's economic record is solid. They argue that the Obama campaign is trying to shift attention away from the president's own failures on the economy.

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