Romney In Primary Sweep

Mitt Romney won all five Republican presidential primaries Tuesday and is now comfortably above the minimum delegate threshold.

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Mitt Romney swept five Republican presidential contests Tuesday, winning California, New Jersey, New Mexico, Montana, and South Dakota.

He now has at least 1,398 delegates, according to the Associated Press, well beyond the 1,144 required for the GOP nomination. 

It appears that rank-and-file Republicans are finally coalescing behind Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, even though many conservatives have been concerned that he isn't truly one of them. 

After a harsh and divisive primary campaign, Romney now has only one serious challenger left for the GOP nomination--Rep. Ron Paul of Texas--and Paul is far behind in the delegate count.

Romney has been increasingly focused on dueling with President Obama over the economy, with each side blasting the other over who has the best ideas for creating jobs and reducing the deficit.

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