Obama's Decree Alters African-Americans' Stance on Gay Marriage

Obama is making the case in the black community that gay marriage is a modern-day civil rights issue.

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President Obama's endorsement of same-sex marriage could persuade many African-Americans to change their traditional opposition to gay unions, Obama's strategists say.

Until now, there has been much speculation about whether Obama's endorsement was jeopardizing his support or risking a lower turnout in the culturally conservative portion of the black community. But Obama strategists say the reverse might be true—that his standing in the black community as the first African-American president is so strong that he might persuade many black voters to side with him on the same-sex marriage issue.

"I can see this happening in my own life," says a prominent African-American who is working for Obama. "I'm a Baptist, but my own views are now evolving" toward an acceptance of same-sex marriage. This is partly because of Obama's argument that legalizing gay marriage is a modern-day civil rights issue. Obama had been ambivalent about gay marriage until last week, when he came out in favor of legalizing it.

The idea that Obama might persuade African-Americans to take his side on gay marriage got a boost when a new poll in North Carolina showed that black voters there were more willing to support gay marriage after the president's endorsement than they were beforehand. A Public Policy Polling survey found that 27 percent of black voters believe same-sex marriage should be legal, an increase from 20 percent three days before Obama's endorsement.

However, earlier this month, North Carolina voters overwhelmingly supported a ballot proposal to prohibit gay marriage.

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