Republicans Blast Obama's 'Empty Promises' on Economy

In latest offensive, Republicans charge president has said one thing, done another on debt and spending.

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Barack Obama steps off Air Force One upon arrival at Los Angeles International Airport to attend a campaign fundraiser at the residence of actor George Clooney.

The Republicans kick off another offensive against President Obama today, condemning his "empty promises" about cutting the deficit and reducing federal spending.

The offensive is billed as a joint undertaking by the Republican National Committee and the campaign of GOP presidential front-runner Mitt Romney. It includes a new Web video, "Empty Promises: Debt and Deficits," to be released today, as well as online advertising, a GOP research report, and media conference calls with Republican leaders in battleground states, including Rep. Steve King of Iowa and Iowa Auditor David Vaudt.

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The video shows President Obama "pledging to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term and his words acknowledging adding to the debt was a problem and promising to go through the budget line by line four years ago," Republican National Committee spokeswoman Kirsten Kurkowski tells me in an E-mail previewing the GOP offensive. She goes on to point out that Obama is the "undisputed debt king of the past five presidents" and has "racked up the three highest deficits in history."

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus says in an E-mail, "President Obama's record has been to double-down on Washington's out-of-control spending by running trillion-dollar deficits every year he's been in office. His serial disregard of the nation's finances in mortgaging our children's future, guaranteeing that the next generation will not be better off....After four years of lip service on spending, it is clear that Barack Obama is just a typical politician, saying one thing to get elected and doing another once in office."

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