Obama's Problem With Male Voters

Obama may be beating Romney among women, but the GOP frontrunner holds an 8 point lead among men.

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There's another side to the gender gap. While Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney is having trouble winning support from female voters, President Obama is having his own problems with male voters.

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Romney's gender dilemma has gotten more attention from the media. And Romney strategists acknowledge that he needs to do better with women voters, especially independents, in order to win the November election. But Obama's problem, while not as extreme at this point, is also serious.

The latest Washington Post-ABC News poll, released today, finds that Obama leads by 19 percentage points among women but Romney leads by 8 points among men. This gender gap is a big reason why Obama is ahead of Romney among all registered voters, 51-44.

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Political strategists of both major parties say Obama's standing with men, especially white working-class men who will be pivotal in some battleground states, is precarious. Many male voters in this category have been unemployed during his administration and they don't think Obama sympathizes with them.

The gender gap has been a political dividing line between Democrats and Republicans for many years, with women, especially single women, trending toward the Democratic candidate in presidential elections and men preferring the Republican. That's the pattern emerging again in 2012.

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