Obama Campaign Uses Conservative Blitz to Raise Money

Obama's campaign is looking to launch a counter attack against GOP offensives.

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In the never-ending cycle of charge and counter charge, President Obama's re-election campaign is using the prospect of a huge anti-Obama ad blitz sponsored by a prominent conservative group to raise money.

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Obama campaign manager Jim Messina sent an e-mail to supporters Monday night pointing out that American Crossroads, a political action committee co-founded by prominent GOP strategist Karl Rove, is planning a massive TV ad buy against Obama.

"Karl Rove's group American Crossroads, which has already raised $200 million to try to defeat President Obama, is preparing its first major attack on us," Messina wrote. Referring to a New York Times article about the Republicans' ad blitz he added: "Their message, according to a report in this morning's paper, is that Obama 'just may not be up to the job.' Let me repeat that Karl Rove is saying that President Obama isn't 'up to the job.' Does anyone really need a reminder of what happened when they were in charge?"

Messina added: "They're not just attacking him [Obama]. They're making a $200 million bet that this organization and its supporters--in other words, you--don't have it in you to fight back." Messina asked each recipient of his e-mal to donate at least $3 to the Obama campaign.

Next, it's likely that the American Crossroads PAC will use the Messina missive to raise money for itself.

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