'The Road We've Traveled' Causing a Stir Among Republicans

GOP says new Obama documentary omits key parts of his record.

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Republicans are steamed about a new documentary that portrays President Barack Obama and his record in glowing terms and, in the GOP view, ignores his many failures and broken promises.

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The 17-minute video, entitled "The Road We've Traveled" - sponsored by the Obama re-election campaign - was broadcast to the president's supporters on the Internet Thursday, and is currently a hit on YouTube. It is designed to stimulate contributions and create more enthusiasm at the grass roots.

The film is narrated by actor Tom Hanks and was produced by respected filmmaker Davis Guggenheim, an Obama backer who directed "An Inconvienent Truth," a documentary made famous by former Vice President Al Gore calling attention to global warming.

The documentary describes Obama as a courageous leader who has made many tough decisions that have stood the test of time. It praises his actions to save the economy from a depression, his bailout of the auto industry, and his order launching a raid that resulted in the death of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.

"Not since the days of Franklin Roosevelt had so much fallen on the shoulders of one president," Hanks says.

The film immediately caused a stir among Republicans, who wasted no time mocking it. The Republican National Committee emailed reporters a parody poster ridiculing the documentary, and GOP leaders say the video leaves many false impressions. The Republican parody poster says Obama's agenda "wasn't shovel-ready and it wasn't even paid for."

An RNC spokeswoman notes that the video omits key parts of Obama's record, such as high unemployment, rising gasoline prices and a huge national debt.

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