Romney Takes Campaign to Illinois

GOP hopeful buys almost $3 million in TV ads in Land of Lincoln.

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Mitt Romney is going all-out in Illinois.

The primary next Tuesday is one of Romney's biggest tests so far. He needs to jump back into the winner's circle in a big, diverse state after losing the Alabama and Mississippi primaries to Rick Santorum this week.

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To that end, Romney and his allies have arranged $2.6 million in TV ads so far in Illinois, with about half of that aimed at the heavily populated Chicago area.

No other candidate has the money to match such an ad buy. And Santorum has the additional problem of failing to qualify for the ballot in four congressional districts in Illinois, which deprives him of any chance to win 10 delegates from those districts. A total of 54 delegates will be at stake in Tuesday's primary.

Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, is the front-runner nationally in delegates for the Republican nomination. He has twice as many as Santorum, his closest competitor.

The former governor is leading narrowly in Illinois, with Romney and Santorum each receiving about one third of the vote and Gingrich and Texas Rep. Ron Paul far behind.

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