Obama May Use GOP Candidates' Comments Against Them

The president told rich donors Thursday the GOP candidates are damaging themselves irreparably for the general election.

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There's more evidence that President Obama's political team believes that the Republican presidential candidates are damaging themselves irreparably for the general election. And the evidence comes from Obama himself.

 At a fundraising reception in Manhattan Thursday, Obama said his campaign might run TV ads excerpting the comments of GOP candidates in the debates to make the point that they are out of touch with everyday Americans and are trying too hard to curry favor with hard-line conservatives.

"I recommend you watch the recent debates," a smiling Obama told the celebrity-filled crowd of about 90 donors at a private home. "We're thinking about just running those as advertisements--little snippets, without commentary."

Obama added: "I think what you're seeing now in the Republican primary underscores what's at stake in ths election."

A ticket to the event cost $10,000. Among those attending were singer John Legend, actress Mariska Hargitay and designer Tory Burch.

Democratic officials and Obama's advisers have been pleasantly surprised at how much fodder the GOP debates have given them to use against whomever emerges as the president's GOP challenger.

At this point, the Democrats expect former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to win the Republican nomination. Among the paths of attack they plan to use against Romney are his comments opposing the federal bailout of the auto industry and his statements strongly opposing abortion.

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