Minnesota Caucuses Could Spell Trouble For Romney

Minnesota GOP has moved further to the right following 2008 primary.

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Fresh from his victory last weekend in the Nevada caucuses, Mitt Romney is heading into Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri with new momentum and a strong dose of confidence.

But some of Romney's advisers and GOP strategists say that, while he should win the Colorado caucuses and the non-binding Missouri primary Tuesday, Minnesota is far from a lock.

The problem for Romney is that, since he won the Minnesota Republican caucuses in 2008, the state's Republican party has become more conservative. If GOP voters cast their ballots on the basis of ideology and conservative consistency, Romney could be in trouble.

His GOP opponents, especially former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, say Romney isn't a true conservative and is actually a moderate who isn't fully committed to the right's agenda.

But Romney has now re-emerged as the clear front-runner for the Republican nomination even though the competition has been a roller coaster. After narrowly losing Iowa to former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, Romney came back to solidly win the New Hampshire primary. He lost South Carolina to Gingrich, but has now put together two impressive victories in Florida and Nevada. Romney also has the strongest national organization of all the GOP candidates and the most money.

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