RNC Calls Obama 'Out of Touch'

Republicans are questioning the President's understanding of exactly how bad the job market is.


The Republican National Committee is trying to chip away at President Obama's reputation for empathy.

Obama seemed "a little out of touch" in his remarks to a questioner at a Google+ social-media forum Monday, says RNC spokeswoman Kristin Kukowski. Jennifer Wedel of Fort Worth, Texas asked the president why her husband Darin, a semi-conductor engineer, hasn't been able to find work since he was laid off three years ago. She questioned why the administration is approving visas for foreign workers to take such high-tech jobs.

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Obama replied that "There's a huge demand around the country for engineers," especially in high tech, and he wasn't sure why Darin was having such a problem finding work.

"If you send me your husband's resume, I'd be interested in finding out exactly what's happening right here," Obama said. He added that Darin "should be able to find something right away."

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RNC officials say the incident shows that Obama apparently doesn't understand how bad the job market is. The RNC has been calling attention to the incident in emails to reporters.

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