DNC Pressures Mitt Romney to Release Tax Returns

Democrats try to make the GOP front-runner look like an out-of-touch rich man.

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Zeroing in on what they consider a newly exposed weakness, Democratic leaders are attacking Mitt Romney for paying a low federal tax rate on his income.

The Democratic National Committee released a new web video Wednesday morning, along with a barrage of criticism of the GOP presidential front-runner. A DNC spokesman said Romney, a millionaire and former venture capitalist, has now admitted that "he pays a lower tax rate than most middle-class Americans, but would not commit to making his tax records public."

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The DNC attack suggests that party leaders see great potential in hitting Romney as an out-of-touch rich man who can't connect with everyday people.

Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, has been trying to tamp down such criticism since he was put on the defensive over the tax issue at a GOP presidential debate in South Carolina earlier this week. Romney danced around the 15 percent number in a response to the tax query Tuesday.

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