Obama: We Need Four More Years

President addresses Democratic caucuses in Iowa while GOP hopefuls battle for nomination.


Remember Barack Obama?

He doesn't have a contest for renomination by the Democratic Party, but he didn't want to be left out of the news coverage of last night's caucuses. So he elbowed his way into the media scrum by addressing Democratic caucuses in Iowa via streaming Web video and teleconference.

Obama defended his record and said he needs another term to complete his agenda. He recounted how he ended the war in Iraq, won congressional passage of a major healthcare bill, and made college more affordable for young people. Obama also said congressional Republicans want to "cut taxes for the wealthiest among us," while he wants to protect the middle class.

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"We've done a lot and we have a lot more to do," Obama said. "That's why we need four more years."

It was a solid gambit and draw considerable media attention to the president on the GOP's big night in Iowa. Obama is scheduled to carry his message to Ohio today.

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Democratic National Committee officials also did their best to make news by firing barrages of criticism at the Republicans, especially GOP candidate Mitt Romney, for supposedly hyping his record of creating jobs when he was a venture capitalist.

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