Maryland Governor Says Super Committee 'Can't Give Up'

Dem governor urges Super Committee success

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Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley offered advice Monday to the members of Congress' so-called Super Committee who are charged with crafting a deficit reduction plan. With their Thanksgiving deadline looming, O'Malley says "they can't give up."

The chair of the Democratic Governors Association said both sides need to be willing to compromise on issues that might alienate some of their base, though he took a sharply partisan swipe at a Republican favorite.

"Hopefully, they'll find a way to undo that self-inflicted revenue wound of Bush era tax cuts and we'll find a way ourselves to make Medicare and Medicaid more effective so we can save dollars and care for the citizens who need it," said the Democrat, during remarks at the National Press Club on Monday.

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He also called for Republicans to "return to the party of Lincoln."

"We need that party of fiscal responsibility to re-emerge, that party of security to re-emerge. We have to recognize the (something) that is and find ways to work together in an understanding way," O'Malley said.

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He accused Republicans of going through a "rough patch" and spending too much time "pandering to the Tea Party and trying to one up each other in these presidential debates about who is more in favor of torturing prisoners." 

"We need to have the understanding to not ever allow ourselves to become victim to our own political quackery and we have to find ways to work in the middle," O'Malley said.

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