American Crossroads Uses Clinton Against Obama on Taxes

'Super PAC' uses Bill Clinton's words to attack President Obama

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American Crossroads is at it again.

The well-heeled conservative political action committee has resumed its confrontation with President Obama over economic policy as the "super PAC" seeks to become a major player in the 2012 campaign. Its latest effort is an $80,000 ad buy in North Carolina and Virginia designed to undermine Obama's economic arguments during his three-day bus tour of those battleground states. His tour begins today.

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Jonathan Collegio, communications director for American Crossroads, which is associated with GOP strategist Karl Rove, said in an E-mail to reporters this morning that the ad is part of the committee's "continuing campaign to aggressively counter President Obama's efforts to sell his second stimulus plan at state and local events."

The ad, called "Don't," includes public comments from former President Bill Clinton opposing new tax increases. Here's the ad:

Collegio added: "The president's new jobs bill is based on the old ideas behind the first failed stimulus--only this time it's tied to a massive tax hike."

Obama is trying to generate support for the key elements of his $447 billion American Jobs Act, which failed in the Senate last week. The president wants to resurrect the measure by having Congress pass it in sections.

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