Christie to Endorse Romney for President

Endorsement may help win over skeptics and build momentum as GOP frontrunner


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is set to endorse former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in the GOP presidential primary, Fox News is reporting. Christie, who broke the hearts of many GOP backers by deciding against a presidential run himself, will appear with Romney at an event in Hanover, N.H., the site of tonight's GOP debate.

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Romney and Christie have similar backgrounds as pragmatic governors of East Coast states with mostly Democratic voters. But for many in the GOP, Christie's battles with the state's public employee unions and his quest to slash New Jersey's government show a fighting spirit and passion for conservatism that Romney has yet to demonstrate. With Texas Gov. Rick Perry sliding, the continued interest in a Christie run indicates how disillusioned the GOP is with its current crop of candidates. Christie's endorsement may help Romney win over some more skeptics, and will further establish him as a front-runner in the race.

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