GOP Aims to Scorch Obama Over Solyndra

Solar company's flameout is giving Republicans plenty of ammo.

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The Republicans are jumping on what media pundits are calling "the Solyndra scandal," and that could be a problem for President Obama. If the issue sticks, it could eliminate an argument that the Democrats were prepared to make in the 2012 campaign--that the Obama administration has been scandal-free. At a minimum, it could play into GOP claims that the administration is riddled with "crony capitalism."

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The news media are suddenly interested in the story, too. For example, Politico did a good summary this morning , and the Wall Street Journal has published a major takout on the case. Investigators for Republicans in Congress are also looking into the matter.

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Hoping to stir the pot, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus has sent a hard-hitting E-mail to potential GOP contributors and reporters arguing that, "The self-proclaimed 'most transparent White House in history' must come clean now about the role the Obama staff played in securing a $535 million taxpayer-guaranteed loan to the 'green jobs' firm of Solyndra, which has since declared bankruptcy and is being investigated by the FBI. It appears the Obama administration inappropriately shepherded hundreds of millions of dollars of your money onto a pet 'alternative energy' company as part of a larger PR campaign to legitimize 'green jobs' and sell their "stimulus' boondoggle." Priebus asked, "What role did the leftist special interests and elitist Obama fundraisers play in the scheme? Where has all that money gone?"

The GOP chairman asked Republicans to sign an accompanying petition demanding answers and he asked them to "consider making a generous contribution to the RNC" so it can maintain the pressure on the Obama administration. [Read: Obama's Green Jobs Agenda Already Proven to Be Ineffective.]

For their part, administration officials have said this is a minor matter and there was no wrongdoing.

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