GOP, Democrats Trade Attacks on Jobs, Social Security

Using Republican debate and Obama's jobs plan as ammo, DNC and RNC exchange insults.

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The Democrats and Republicans rolled out their big guns this morning in reacting to the GOP presidential debate last night.

The Democrats attacked GOP candidates, especially front-runners Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, for favoring big changes in Social Security, an issue the Democrats have used against the Republicans for decades. For their part, the Republicans blasted President Obama and the Democrats for wanting to raise taxes, an issue which they have used as a political bludgeon for many years.

The Democratic National Committee sent reporters several E-mails this morning and last night arguing that the GOP candidates favor dismantling or destroying Social Security. One DNC message presented a series of criticisms that Perry, the governor of Texas, and Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, made of each other's positions on Social Security. DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz told reporters, "The truth is, Republicans like Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and George Bush before them have had their sights set on dismantling Social Security, and the American people have emphatically said, 'no.'"

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Still another DNC message to reporters said, "Here we go again...the Republican candidates continue their attacks on Social Security while attempting to convince Americans they're simply being 'honest.' But their recent rhetoric can't hide their long-held opinions on this program that millions of American seniors depend on. With one candidate calling it 'a Ponzi scheme' and another embracing privatizing it, it's clear that the Republicans' plans for Social Security would leave our seniors' future subject to the whims of the stock market. If these candidates want to be honest, they should simply admit they're lock step in supporting what the Tea Party wants regardess of the impact on America's seniors."

On the other side, the Republican National Committee attacked Obama's announcement yesterday that he wants to fund his new $447 billion jobs bill by increasing taxes on the wealthy and ending subsidies for oil and gas companies, which the RNC argues would hurt the economy.

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Under the headline, "Zombie Tax Hikes Rise Again," the RNC sent an E-mail to reporters arguing that, "Obama is proposing tax hikes that were rejected when Democrats controlled both houses" of Congress. The RNC went on to cite various news stories making that point, including pieces by the Associated Press and the New York Times.

A spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee said this morning that Wasserman Schultz had earlier admitted that the Democrats "own" the economy, and the spokesman added: "The negative results keep pouring in, with the Wall Street Journal reporting that small-business owner confidence fell to its lowest level in just over a year."

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