Liberals Badger Obama on Jobs

A host of liberal groups press for a bold approach to the jobs crisis.


The pressure is increasing on President Obama from the left. Sixty-eight self-styled "major progressive organizations" have sent an open letter to the White House urging him to outline "a serious jobs plan" in his speech to the nation next week.

Among those sending the letter are MoveOn, the Campaign for America's Future, NOW, and Rebuild the Dream. 

Roger Hickey, co-director of the Campaign for America's Future, issued a news release saying, "This letter to the president reflects the growing concern of a majority of Americans that unemployment is at crisis levels. We want a jobs program that does not just tinker around the edges. And we want the president to present a plan next week that is big and bold enough to actually reverse our economic decline and put people to work--even if such a program can't succeed until a new Congress is elected. If the president is bold, he will help get America a Congress that will actually act to create jobs and rebuild the American Dream." [See how different states are coping with the prolonged economic crisis.]

The letter is the latest example of dissatisfaction with Obama from the left. Many liberals say Obama has compromised too much with Republicans. They want him to take a harder line against conservatives on economic policy and other matters.

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White House officials say the president still believes he can find bipartisan compromise.

Democratic strategists with close ties to the administration argue that his best course in seeking re-election is to position himself as a reasonable and flexible leader while the Republicans are portrayed as stubborn and intransigent.

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