Bachmann and Irene Approach Florida Simultaneously

The Republican candidate's and the hurricane's paths will cross.


As one hurricane grazes Florida, another is going to hit it straight on. Michele Bachmann's campaign recently announced a weekend of stops in Florida, perfectly timed to coincide with the arrival of Hurricane Irene. The Minnesota representative has her first stop at Angie's Sub Shop in Jacksonville Beach on Friday afternoon, right around when the outer rings of Irene will be pelting the Florida coast with rain and high winds. [See photos of Michele Bachmann.]

Bachmann campaign spokesperson Alice Stewart told U.S. News in an E-mail that the campaign currently has no intention of changing its plans in light of the impending storm. Indeed, the campaign trail—even on the Florida coast—is arguably a better place to be this weekend than Washington, which could see significant rain and damage from Irene.

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