Obama Seeks to Debunk Perception of Liberal Dismay

Democratic aide point to polls that a majority of liberals favor debt deal.


There are lots of polls suggesting that President Obama is in increasing political trouble, but what seems to worry the White House and the Democratic National Committee most is the potential for falloff on the left.

This was clear in an email sent to reporters and Democratic activists yesterday by Patrick Gaspard , the DNC's executive director, who went to great lengths attempting to debunk this perception. He started out with a blast at the news media, arguing that pundits rushed to judgment and incorrectly said the Democrats were the losers in the debt-ceiling deal and that liberals were very upset with Obama for capitulating to congressional Republicans. "Fortunately," Gaspard added, "we don't have to depend only on the rush to judgment of a small cadre of Washington-based pundits and activists making their assessments off of one-sided leaks and spin; there is a thing called public opinion that we can look to for a more accurate portrayal."

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Gaspard pointed out that, since Obama reached a compromise on the debt ceiling with the GOP, CNN and Gallup polls have shown that a "hefty majority of Democrats [58 per cent, according Gallup] and liberals [51 per cent] support the deal while a hefty majority of Republicans [64 per cent], and particularly the all-important Tea Party Republicans, oppose it."

It's all part of the Democrats' effort to tamp down media speculation that Obama is facing deep disgruntlement from liberals and that his rift with the left is widening.The fear among Obama strategists is that such speculation will, at minimum, demoralize liberals and call attention to how much Obama has strayed from his 2008 promises to them, such as his pledge to create jobs, raise taxes on the rich and on big corporations, take on the oil companies, end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and close the Guamtanamo Bay detention center.

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