The Emergence of Mitt Romney

The GOP frontrunner is stepping up his campaign.


Mitt Romney is ending his low profile. He is about to ratchet up the pace of his campaign by traveling to New Hampshire, the first primary state, and Iowa, the first caucus state. Beyond that, he is expected to visit California, New York and Texas in the next few weeks, will participate in several debates with his GOP rivals, and will give a series of speeches to more fully outline his agenda.

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This comes after Romney spent the past several months avoiding the national news media and focusing instead on raising money and building his organization. His critics say this opened him up to charges of hiding from scrutiny and allowed his opponents to define him as a man without any new ideas or much of a vision. But Romney strategists argue that the game plan has worked, and they have a point. He leads in the GOP money race and is also the front runner in polls for the Republican presidential nomination. Not a bad position to be in, despite all the criticism.

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