Romney Bests Obama With Homeowners, Realtors

If the election were held tomorrow, Obama would be in trouble.

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If the nation's realtors and homeowners have their way, President Obama will be a one term president.

According to a recent survey by real estate website HomeGain that asked which presidential nominee respondents would vote for if the election were held today, real estate professionals favored Mitt Romney over Barack Obama by a margin of 57 percent to 31 percent.

When homeowners were asked the same question, Romney still came out ahead, though by less of a margin, with 43 percent saying they would vote for Romney versus 41 percent for Obama. To his credit, Ron Paul pulled off 12 percent of votes from realtors and 16 percent from homeowners.

But When Ron Paul was removed from the picture, most of respondents gravitated towards Mitt Romney, who received 67 percent of realtors' votes ,versus just 33 percent for Obama. Homeowners also leaned toward Romney, favoring him 55 percent to Obama's 45 percent.

Given that more than 60 percent of Americans are homeowners, the survey results might give some insight into what Obama faces in the general election, .

Obama's approval rate among homeowners in Maryland, Illinois, Washington, New York, and Pennsylvania are above or near 50 percent. Real estate professionals are a little less rosy-eyed when it comes to the president—only Maryland and Virginia show approval ratings of 50 percent.

On the flipside, Obama might face an uphill battle in states such as Arizona and Texas, where the president has a whopping 80 percent disapproval rate among real estate professionals. Homeowners in North Carolina and Ohio aren't too happy with the president's performance either—residents of those states gave Obama a disapproval ratings of 69 and 66 percent respectively.

When it comes to the president, "he'll get credit or blame for how [the housing market] is going," says Louis Cammarosano, general manager at HomeGain. "Right now, the president is getting blamed for the bad real estate market."

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