Poll: Americans Want More Help for the Housing Market

Most Americans favor government intervention in the foreclosure crisis.

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The remaining GOP candidates don't agree on much, but they have found common ground on one thing: less government involvement in the housing market.

But according to a new poll, that stance is out of touch with what most Americans want to see from the federal government when it comes to the housing crisis. The majority of Americans—58 percent, according to Gallup—support the government taking further steps to prevent foreclosures. Only 34 percent prefer to let the problem resolve itself.

It has a lot to do with tanking home prices.

Half of all Americans and 57 percent of homeowners are worried about stagnant home prices, according to Gallup, and they have a point. If there are a lot of foreclosures in a certain neighborhood, it tends to drive down prices in the surrounding area. That can push homeowners further underwater on their mortgages and even increase the chance of foreclosure.

While President Obama has thrown out a few ideas on how to help struggling homeowners, with the majority of Republicans opposing any government action in the housing market, it seems unlikely legislation would pass the Republican-controlled House.

Still, as the GOP candidates head into the Florida primaries, they're waking up to the realities of the housing and foreclosure crises. Perhaps spending a little time in the Sunshine State and canvassing neighborhoods in upcoming battleground states also hit hard by overbuilding and foreclosures will bring the housing crisis home for the politicians.


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