President Obama Still On Top With Homeowners

A recent survey shows Barack Obama leads the pack when it comes to support among homeowners.

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Obama is still on top when it comes to homeowners, a recent survey found.

When asked which presidential nominee they would vote for if the election were today, homeowners picked Obama over his GOP challengers with a wide margin, according to HomeGain's 4th Quarter Home Values survey.

A solid 41 percent of homeowners would vote for Barack Obama, the survey reported, compared with 25 percent for Mitt Romney; 16 percent for Herman Cain; 10 percent for Ron Paul; and 8 percent for Rick Perry.

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On the flip side, Romney leads the pack among realtors with 34 percent, a small margin over Barack Obama whom 32 percent of realtors support. Rounding out contenders, Cain took 16 percent, Ron Paul had 10 percent, and Perry brought up the rear with 8 percent.

Which candidate do you think would protect home owners best?

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