Catholics United: Wrong to Call Us Pro-Abortion Rights

The progressive group Catholics United says that it is neither for nor against abortion rights.

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After posting yesterday on conservative Roman Catholic Deal Hudson's charge that Catholic organizations that are supportive of abortion rights are "fake Catholic groups," I got a note from Chris Korzen, executive director of Catholics United. Korzen said that his group does not consider itself to be pro-abortion rights. Catholics United was one of the organizations that Hudson attacked for supporting a healthcare reform bill even if it lacks a strict ban on federal funds for abortion coverage.

Here's Korzen's explanation of where his group stands on abortion and his response to Hudson:

Abortion is legal in the United States, and there's not much either Catholics United or Deal Hudson can do to change that. What we can do is find ways to unite Americans around common ground approaches to abortion, something Hudson and company have consistently opposed doing. Ensuring that pregnant women and children have insurance coverage should be a no-brainer for Catholics. In short, I wouldn't call us pro-abortion rights or anti-abortion rights. We're pro-common ground.

You'll note that we supported the House bill after the Stupak language was passed, much to the consternation of actual pro-abortion rights groups. . . . I'm pretty sure Deal wasn't with us in supporting final passage of the [House] health care bill. He just hates the idea of health care reform, and abortion provides an all-too-convenient excuse.

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