Abortion Funding Ban Fails, Abortion Foes Up Attacks on Healthcare Bill

As Senate's abortion funding ban fails, Family Research Council amps up effort to kill healthcare bill.

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By Dan Gilgoff, God & Country


After last night's Senate defeat of a Stupak-like abortion funding ban in the healthcare bill, the Family Research Council announced a stepped-up campaign to kill the bill. The council's effort will target voters in Arkansas, South Dakota, and Louisiana. Each of those swing states has at least one Democratic senator whose vote could be crucial to the healthcare bill's passage. Here's the FRC ad that is going up in Arkansas.

More from the Family Research Council on new steps to stop the healthcare bill: 

In response to today's Senate vote, FRC will expand its grassroots campaign in opposition to the health care overhaul bill. Over the next eight weeks, FRC will call all household phones in Arkansas, South Dakota, and Louisiana to survey each household on provisions of the Senate health care bill. These include abortion funding, rationing, higher taxes, and government-run health care, or the public option. Additionally, FRC will be calling pro-life households in Pennsylvania and Virginia. Survey participants who express opposition to the so-called health care reform will be given contact information for their senators.