No Separate Christian Version of Sarah Palin Memoir Planned

HarperCollins says news reports of a special Christian edition of Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue are false.

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By Dan Gilgoff, God & Country

News reports that Sarah Palin is planning a separate Christian version of her forthcoming memoir, Going Rogue, are false, according to her publisher, HarperCollins. The reports were so widely circulated that they appear to have caused confusion at Zondervan, a Christian publisher owned by HarperCollins, where the director of publicity said yesterday that a special Christian edition of the book had been planned but was scrapped because of the expedited timetable for the book's release.

Reports about a special Christian edition of Palin's memoir included a long Vanity Fair profile on Palin last summer, which said that her memoir was to be published "not only by HarperCollins but also in a special edition by Zondervan, the Bible-publishing house, that may include supplemental material on faith."

Politico has reported on the possibility of "a slight addition on faith for the Zondervan edition," and bloggers have speculated on what information a separate Christian edition would include.

Instead, Zondervan will copublish the same version of Palin's memoir and distribute it to Christian booksellers. "We always said Zondervan was codistributing the book, but it's the same book" as the one HarperCollins imprint Harper is publishing, says Tina Andreadis, a HarperCollins spokeswoman.

Originally set to be published next spring, Harper recently moved the release date for Palin's memoir up to November 17 to take advantage of current interest in the former Alaska governor.

In an interview yesterday, Zondervan publicity director Karen Campbell said that a separate Christian edition had been planned but that "when the release date was moved up, they left it as the same version."

In an E-mail message today, Campbell said she misspoke. "Zondervan never planned on publishing a separate Christian edition of Going Rogue with supplemental material," she said. "From what I understand, it was misreporting."

Zondervan's roster includes Rick Warren, whose Purpose-Driven Life has sold more hardback copies than any nonfiction title in American history, and it publishes popular editions of the Bible.

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