Readers Skeptical of Kennedy's Catholicism

How did Senator Edward Kennedy square his religious faith with his support for abortion rights?

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By Dan Gilgoff, God & Country

Of the avalanche of comments coming in on Sen. Ted Kennedy's Catholicism, the huge majority fall into the skeptical/critical column. They're a counterpoint to the news media's mostly favorable Kennedy remembrances. Here's a sampling:

Mike of Minnesota:

The only way Ted Kennedy doesn't go to hell is if he had a last minute conversion. He never defended the catholic faith publicly. And he often violently opposed the teachings of the church in the legislation he sponsored and endorsed. He took the easy way out to ensure he maintained his position of power and influence. May God have mercy on his soul.

Lisa of Virginia:

Ted Kennedy was "Catholic" in name only. He chose to stand up for his political electability - not his faith. His Pro life stance in 1971 turned to PRO DEATH when his party went far left. Life is 1st, social justice is 2nd according to The Church.

Paul M Blake of Massachusetts:

To support abortion because "he believed the (Supreme) Court's logic" gives Kennedy a failing grade in Catholic morality. In the words of Jesus, "You cannot choose two masters" (in this case the Church and the state). Not only was he wrong, he led many others into error and grave sin. May God have mercy on his soul.

Paul of Florida:

Catholic church doctrine states NO abortion. Kennedy supported all abortion. Kennedy, no doubt in conjunction with the corrupt Cardinal Law, had a marriage annulled in order to sow wild oats. Set a precedent for his younger relations. The whole damn Kennedy clan should do the world a favor and get sterilized.

Chuck Wise of Michigan

I am not Roman Catholic but I do have some understanding of Roman Catholic doctrine. Abortion is always prohibited while war has not always been. I agree that the Iraq War does not fall under the just war category but neither does the war in Afghanistan that Kennedy supported. Regardless, it is absurd to say that more lives would have been saved. Abortion kills millions each year in America and the Iraq War kills thousands.