Abortion Foes Circulate Abortion-as-Tonsillectomy Video

Conservatives are circulating a video of a Democratic lawmakers comparing abortion to a tonsillectomy.

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This video of Rep. Lynn Woolsey comparing abortion to having one's tonsils removed, from a House Labor and Education Committee debate on healthcare reform Wednesday, is making the rounds in the conservative blogosphere. The debate is over an amendment (ultimately unsuccessful) that would have prevented the government from requiring healthcare plans to cover abortion.

Here's what Woolsey, a Democrat from California, said:

[Abortion] is a legal medical practice and by even having to talk about it . . . we're not talking about having your tonsils out and whether you can or can't. It's all based on religious matters and ideas that different people have. They have every right for those ideas. Let them have an abortion or not have an abortion based on their needs, not ours.