Video: Doug Kmiec and Robby George Debate Obama and Life Issues

The two Catholic scholars argue over how the antiabortion movement should handle Obama.

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By Dan Gilgoff, God & Country

You can watch last night's debate between prominent Catholic legal advocates Doug Kmiec and Robby George here at C-SPAN's website.

The format of the debate, staged at the National Press Club and moderated by former Vatican Ambassador Mary Ann Glendon, was disappointing: long opening statements by the two combatants, followed by questions that were directed toward one of them. They never had the opportunity to answer the same question, and there was none of the kind of one-on-one debating that would have allowed the two men to work though some of the issues.

Instead, they largely talked past one another.

It's still worth watching, though, to get two diametrically opposed takes on how the antiabortion movement ought to approach the Obama administration: work with it in hopes of shaping policy (Kmiec), or throw up roadblocks every time it moves to make abortions easier to obtain (George).

Be sure to post your thoughts on who you thought won.

I thought George's impassioned delivery and clear, concise argument—that human embryos deserve full equal rights, period—carried the night over Kmiec's more laid-back style and piecemeal presentation, which mostly had him responding to George by pleading it's more complicated than that.

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