Faith-Based Climate Change Ad Frames Energy Company as 'Evildoers'

A faith-based advocacy group pulls no punches in Christian radio ad promoting the climate change bill.

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By Dan Gilgoff, God & Country

Who would you guess is behind a political ad that speaks of "evildoers" who "operate in dark places, hiding their deeds"? That warns of "an army of lobbyists to fight the faith community"? That is airing on Christian and country radio throughout the Deep South?

The George W. Bush-era Republican National Committee, perhaps?

No, it's the work of a new, progressive faith-based advocacy group that is taking on the energy conglomerate Southern Co.mpany for opposing the climate change bill in Congress. The group was founded by Hillary Clinton's former faith outreach director. The ad is up on radio in the company's service region.

Here's the script:

The Gospel of John teaches that evildoers operate in dark places, hiding their deeds. But those who do what is right, do so in the light.

As Congress begins work on climate legislation to protect God's creation, a great assembly of church leaders are backing a bill that supports working families and the poor and provides rebates directly to consumers to offset rising energy costs.

But Southern Company, the energy conglomerate that owns Alabama and Georgia has unleashed an army of lobbyists to fight the faith community and threaten law makers working to provide resources to American families.

Why? Because Southern Company wants all the money instead.

Please join the faithful in speaking out against the powerful. Call 877-88-CLIMATE to tell your Congressman to support the Waxman-Markey Climate bill that helps everyone, not just the energy companies. Paid for by

Listen to the ad here.

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