Christians Unsure About Climate Change's Causes, but They Back Solutions

Evangelicals and Catholics doubt human-created climate change but think it's a problem worth combating.

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By Dan Gilgoff, God & Country

Can evangelicals and Roman Catholics be skeptical of human-created climate change but still want to combat global warming? Sure.

Yesterday, I wrote that a new poll showing majority evangelical and Catholic support for tackling climate change jars with a recent Pew poll that revealed faith-based skepticism toward human-created global warming. But the pollster behind the new poll, religion-and-politics numbers guy Robert P. Jones, E-mails to say that that's not so. It turns out that Jones's findings on Christian support for combating climate change track pretty closely with Pew's numbers showing Christian skepticism about human-created global warming.

While it's true that only 40 percent of white evangelicals feel there is solid evidence that the Earth is warming because of human activity, Jones notes that a full 67 percent say there is solid evidence for global warming, regardless of the cause. Among Catholics, 73 percent in Jones's poll believe the Earth is warming, though only around half say it's because of human activity.

Despite doubts about global warming's cause and the "current difficult economic climate," Jones writes, "we found significant support for tackling climate change now. More than 6 in 10 (61 percent) believe dealing with climate change now will create new jobs and help avoid more serious economic problems in the future. A majority of every religious group, including Catholics (67 percent) and white evangelicals (52 percent), agree."

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