New Progressive Faith Group Launches Christian Radio Campaign for Climate Bill

The spot is airing in 8 culturally conservative states.

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By Dan Gilgoff, God & Country

A new faith-based advocacy group founded by Hillary Clinton's former religious outreach director is airing a radio spot that takes a distinctly Christian perspective in pressuring Congress to pass a climate change bill. Listen to the ad here. Sponsored by the American Values Network, the ad is airing in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Virginia, and Ohio.

The group is also promoting legislation to combat climate change through 5.3 million E-mails to evangelicals and Roman Catholics in some of those states. And it's pressuring members of Congress with a new poll that suggests most Catholics and evangelicals support attempts to combat global warming . (That jars somewhat with another recent Pew poll that found skepticism among evangelicals and Catholics about human-created climate change).

American Values Network is doing the kind of faith-based organizing that was once the exclusive province of the religious right.

Here's the script for the ad, read by centrist evangelical minister Joel Hunter:

This is Rev. Joel Hunter. As our seas rise, crops wither, and rivers run dry, God's creation cries out for relief.

The failure to answer the calling to be good stewards has consequences. The destabilizing effect of climate change will hit the poor the hardest, and it also threatens our national security, our economic prosperity, and our children's future.

Yet no matter how bleak things appear, redemption is always possible.

So people of faith are speaking out . . . a great assembly of Christian pastors and churches and America's military leaders are demanding that Congress passes a climate bill that creates jobs, reduces our dependence on foreign oil, and especially protects vulnerable families and communities at home and abroad who are most hurt by climate change.

The time for action is now. Please join the chorus of the faithful by visiting to learn more and how to contact to your Member of Congress. Paid for by American Values