Doug Kmiec and Robby George Set to Debate at National Press Club

The Catholic legal scholars will square off on embryonic stem cell research.

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By Dan Gilgoff, God & Country

Conservative Roman Catholic legal scholars Robby George and Doug Kmiec are set to debate at the National Press Club next month, continuing a back and forth that began on this very blog last month over President Obama's embryonic stem cell research policy. George argued that Obama left the door open to human cloning, while Kmiec called that view a distortion of the president's position.

With new National Institutes of Health guidelines on embryonic stem cell research explicitly outlawing somatic cell nuclear transfer, federally funded cloning is now off the table, regardless of how you define it. But the disagreement continues; Kmiec has embraced the new guidelines, while George considers them a "grave injustice."

The debate, which George calls a "public discussion," is set for May 28 and will be moderated by Mary Ann Glendon, a former ambassador to the Vatican and a Harvard Law School professor. Glendon also happens to be Notre Dame's other guest of honor at next month's commencement, sharing the stage with President Obama.

Sponsored by the Catholic University of America's Columbus Law School, the National Press Club debate appears to be by invitation only. I'll post more details when I have them.

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