Unpacking the Latest Rick Warren Controversy

The California pastor has caused a stir with apparently conflicting statements on a gay marriage ban.

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By Dan Gilgoff, God & Country

I explained the meaning of the latest Rick Warren flap last night on Hardball:

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Talking to a close Warren associate yesterday, I learned that the megapastor was not only too exhausted to tape a scheduled weekend interview for ABC's This Week—because of fatigue, Warren preached just six of a dozen planned Easter services on Saturday and Sunday—he was also a little nauseous.

That's because Fox News Channel, which carried a couple of Warren's Easter services, insisted that his Saddleback Church apply a fresh coat of varnish to the pulpit lectern before broadcast. The varnish was still drying when it was time for Warren to preach his next service, and the fumes got to him.

But Warren is reportedly eager to schedule another high-profile TV interview to clarify his views on gay marriage and Proposition 8, California's recently adopted gay marriage ban.

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