Atheists Crash Poll on White House Prayers

The Friendly Atheist blog rallied readers to weigh in on a poll on prayers at Obama rallies.

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This poll is now closed, but the debate continues in the comments section.

President Obama is opening many of his public events with prayers from local community leaders. Do you support this new White House tradition?

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Yesterday, the Friendly Atheist blog posted this U.S. News poll about the Obama White House's new tradition of opening the president's rallies with a prayer. The blog urged readers to take the poll and attempt to reverse the results, which had 66 percent of participants supporting the White House prayers and 34 percent opposed.

Mission accomplished. Today, the poll results show support for the White House prayers has dipped to around 12 percent and that opposition has risen to nearly 90 percent.

Where do you stand on White House prayers?

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