Doug Kmiec Takes a Beating in the Antiabortion Blogosphere

The Family Research Council and other antiabortion groups question Kmiec's conservative credentials.

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By Dan Gilgoff, God & Country

Roman Catholic Obama apologist Doug Kmiec is taking a beating in the conservative blogosphere for an E-mail he sent me explaining his continuing support for the president, even as several White House actions have outraged the traditional antiabortion movement.

Here's Family Research Council President Tony Perkins in yesterday's daily E-mail to supporters:

Religious liberals who supported Barack Obama by insisting that he would find "common ground" on social issues are now trying to defend a growing list of personnel and policy decisions that advance a radical pro-abortion agenda. Doug Kmiec...defended the President's sprint to the Left on key issues of life and even attempted to paint abortion extremist Kathleen Sebelius, the HHS Secretary-designate, as an ally in protecting the unborn.

On Sebelius, whose positions include support for late-term abortions, Kmiec gushes, "I believe she is a highly capable administrator...who fully believes in the protection of human life at all stages." All stages, it seems, except the first, second, and third trimesters. Kmiec even tries to justify the President's decision to reverse the Mexico City Policy by suggesting that without funding international abortionists, there would be no health care in developing countries.

In his pre-election op-ed "Reaganites for Obama," Kmiec made a telling statement, "Beyond life issues, [a] Democrat like Obama is a Catholic natural." Beyond life issues? Is there anything more fundamental to Christianity, the American family, or global civilization than the basic right to life? Kmiec may try to sell the church on this a la carte approach but he loses any credibility in the process. Positions may evolve over time, but the truth does not.

The antiabortion news service LifeNews condemns Kmiec in even harsher terms:

Douglas Kmiec essentially voided his Catholic and pro-life credentials during the president election with his steadfast defense of Barack Obama despite his clear pro-abortion views. Now he's given pro-life advocates no reason to take him seriously by explaining away Obama's pro-abortion actions as president.

Progressive Catholic groups have sprung up to argue that pro-Obama Catholics like Kmiec are hardly voiding their credentials as Catholics and opponents of abortion. But conservative groups are readying campaigns to raise the heat on pro-abortion-rights politicians who say they want to reduce abortion, arguing that they're just pro-abortion rights by a different name.