False Allegations About False Bobby Jindal Rumors

A response to readers incensed over my purported anti-Sarah Palin smear

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By Dan Gilgoff, God & Country

More than a few readers and fellow bloggers are outraged over my anti-Sarah Palin "smear" alleging that her supporters are spreading scurrilous rumors that fellow rising Republican star Bobby Jindal is secretly Muslim. Here's Warner Todd Huston at NewsBusters summarizing my take:

That's right, just two people claiming in the comments section of his U.S. News post that Jindal was a secret Muslim was enough for Dan Gilgoff to decide that Sarah Palin's entire support base is smearing Bobby Jindal as a secret Muslim.

Whoa. That's a total distortion of what I wrote in response to some commenters raising the false Jindal rumor:

I'm surprised that a few comments on my post about Bobby Jindal as the new face of Christian conservatism allege that he's got ancestral Muslim roots, in addition to the acknowledged Hinduism of his Indian-born parents. Remind you of any other recent rumor campaigns against promising young minority politicians?

What's surprising is that some of the comments appear to be from pro-Sarah Palin conservatives.

Not exactly a sweeping condemnation of Palin's support base. Just a rumination on a couple of recent comments.

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