Exclusive: Pat Robertson Says Obama 'Showing Partisanship,' Denounces Rush Limbaugh's 'I Hope He Fails' Remark

The Christian Broadcasting Network founder is less bullish on Obama than last year.


By Dan Gilgoff, God & Country

Interviewing Christian Broadcasting Network founder Pat Robertson recently for a forthcoming piece on the possibility of a Fairness Doctrine revival, I threw in a couple questions about President Obama. In a CNN appearance just before Christmas, Robertson surprised a lot of folks when said he was "remarkably pleased" with Obama and that he "has the makings of a great president."

Robertson has changed his tune on Obama, but he's still rooting for him. Here's my exchange with him about the president:

You surprised people last year when you said you were impressed with Obama so far. How do you feel about him now, after several weeks in the White House?
He hasn't been as skillful in a number of areas. I think he's showing partisanship. What I said on CNN is that if he's not partisan and doesn't swing out at the left, he has the potential to be a great president. But look at his cabinet appointments. And the stimulus package is a disaster. He let [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi write the bill. He should have exerted more leadership about what went into the stimulus package. It's not over, but I still want to give him the benefit of every doubt, and I definitely hope he succeeds. It wouldn't be good for Americans for him not to. We don't want a president who fails at domestic and foreign policy.

So you don ' t subscribe to Rush Limbaugh 's " I hope he fails " school of thoug ht?
That was a terrible thing to say. I mean, he's the president of all the country. If he succeeds, the country succeeds. And if he doesn't, it hurts us all. Anybody who would pull against our president is not exactly thinking rationally.