Catholic Group Launches Ad Campaign to Support Obama Stimulus Bill

Liberal group Catholics United is airing spots in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

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By Dan Gilgoff, God & Country

Does the economic stimulus bill that President Obama is trying to get through Congress have a spiritual side?

Yes, apparently. The liberal Roman Catholic group Catholics United is running faith-based ads on Christian Radio in Pennsylvania and Ohio tomorrow in an attempt to build pressure on Republican Sens. Arlen Specter and George Voinovich to support the stimulus package. Listen to the Voinovich version of the ad—called "Do the Right Thing"— here.

Here's the script for the Specter ad:

What are you praying for? What's on your heart?

I am praying for my family during this economic crisis.

Too many of us are asking: "How long will I be able to keep my job? How am I going to pay rent this month? Are my kids going to have a better future?"

As Christians, we can do better. In Acts, chapter 4 verse 34, Luke states that in the early Christian communities "there was no needy person among them."

President Obama has a plan to help struggling families by creating jobs. And we need it now more than ever.

Help make it happen. Call Senator Specter and ask him to do the right thing... support the President's job program.

Will you join us today? Call Senator Specter at 866-544-7573, that's 866-544-7573.

Paid for by Catholics United.

"Jesus calls us to care for the least among us," Catholics United Executive Director Chris Korzen said in a statement about the ad. "That means looking out for our neighbors who are losing their homes, those who are unemployed, and all those who are suffering. We need this legislation to pass .... It's about moral responsibility."