Gallup Poll: Few Object to Rick Warren at Obama Inauguration

A new Gallup Poll finds that few Americans oppose Rick Warren's role at Barack Obama's inauguration.

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By Dan Gilgoff, God & Country

Rick Warren controversy? What controversy? A new Gallup Poll finds that most Americans either approve of Rick Warren giving the invocation at today's inauguration—or don't know that he's doing so. Just 9 percent of Americans disapprove of Warren's role today. Even among liberals, there's little opposition.

From Gallup:

Even among Democrats and self-described liberals, support for Obama's choice of Warren far outweighs disapproval.

Among Democrats, there is 37% approval compared to 10% disapproval. Among liberals, the numbers are similar with 39% approving and 16% disapproving. Approval is predictably higher among Republicans and conservatives.

News media accounts of negative reactions to President-elect Barack Obama's decision to select Rick Warren to deliver the Inaugural prayer appear to reflect more of the vocal positions of interest groups than an opinion that is shared by the majority of the American public.

A helpful reality check on Warren's purported divisiveness. His penchant for polarizing people doesn't seem to extend much beyond America's newsrooms and the LGBT community.