Catholic Group Uses Obama Bio as Case Against Abortion in Inauguration Day Ad

A conservative Catholic group says Barack Obama's life story makes antiabortion case.

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By Dan Gilgoff, God & Country

A conservative Catholic group called has a new antiabortion ad to coincide with Barack Obama's inauguration. It attempts to use Obama's own biography to make the antiabortion case. The spot features this script flashing across the screen in between clips of a fetus in the womb:

This child's future is a broken home
he will be abandoned by his father
his single mother will struggle to raise him
despite the hardships he will endure
this child
will become
The 1st African American President
Imagine the Potential

You can watch the ad here.

This is a tiny ad buy—the spot will air today on Black Entertainment Television in Chicago. But's ads have a history of racking up online hits. During the 2008 presidential race, nearly 4 million people watched a short film the group made promoting conservative stances on abortion and gay marriage. Local parishes across the country posted the video on their websites.

"Many Catholics and pro-life Americans recognize that Barack Obama steadfastly supports abortion," Brian Burch, executive director of, said in a statement accompanying the release of the ad. "And while we'll pray for his conversion, that doesn't diminish an essential truth: that each human life has dignity and worth."

While he supports abortion rights, Obama has explicitly rejected the "pro-abortion" label. Obama's aides oversaw the introduction of language into the Democratic Platform last summer that articulates a strategy for reducing demand for abortion, a break from earlier party platforms. isn't the only Christian Right outfit coming out swinging against Obama during inauguration week. Yesterday's radio broadcast topic for Focus on the Family's James Dobson: "Defeating the Darkness of Abortion."

These groups are obviously looking to counter Obama's pioneering outreach to religious voters and opponents of abortion rights, beginning on his very first day as president. They see this as a teachable moment.