Why Tim Kaine Will Upset the Democratic Base

There were lots of irate comments on my post about Tim Kaine.


By Dan Gilgoff, God & Country

Lots of irate comments from church/state separationists on my post explaining why incoming Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine is likely to build on Howard Dean's historic faith outreach programs: 

DuckPHup: How about this, instead? Religion is ALREADY subsidized via their tax-free status. So . . . calculate what the taxes WOULD be for each "religious" entity, and REQUIRE that they RETURN that "subsidy" via NON-faith-based charities and outreach programs.

Priyanka of New York: kaine is awful on choice and gay rights. his god isnt my god, so why should his faith dictate my life?

Richard the Lionhearted: First the Bush attempt and now this. Give me a break! Religion does not need to be promoted—at least not in a government sponsored forum of "good works". And by this I mean all religions, not just Christianity. . . . Kaine has screwed up views of gay rights, abortion and most other issues of moral concern. This guy is a disaster.

Sure, Howard Dean pioneered faith outreach at the DNC. But he outsourced that work to staffers who knew about religion, including his chief of staff, an ordained Pentecostal minister. Kaine's different. He's an observant Catholic who supports some limits on abortion rights. That will probably make him a lot less popular than Dean in the Democratic base.

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