Another Influential Social Conservative Praises Obama—That Makes 7

It's time to start a list of those on the religious right who are speaking favorably of Obama.


By Dan Gilgoff, God & Country

I recently wrote that Barack Obama showed how to defang the religious right in a single week. More evidence arrives today, from New York Times columnist William Kristol, a social conservative (among other kinds): 

. . . I look forward to Obama's inauguration with a surprising degree of hope and good cheer.

For one thing, there will be the invocation, delivered by Rick Warren. I suspect he'll be careful to say nothing pro-life or pro-traditional-marriage—but we conservatives have already gotten more than enough pleasure from the hysterical reaction to his selection by the tribunes of the intolerant left. And having Warren there will, in fact, be a welcome reminder of the strides the evangelical movement and religious conservatives (broadly speaking) have made in recent decades. 

It's time to start a running tally of influential social conservatives—folks who traditionally have operated in the religious right—who are praising Obama. Here's my first crack:

1. Rick Warren
2. Pat Robertson
3. Franklin Graham
4. Tony Perkins
5. William Kristol

Going back to the campaign season, you could add:

6. Douglas Kmiec
7. Richard Cizik

Have I missed anyone so far?