Pro-Lifers Inundate Obama Website With Comments

There are almost 2,000 comments opposing the Freedom of Choice Act

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The president of Americans United for Life, Charmaine Yoest, gave God & Country a heads-up that pro-lifers have inundated the Obama transition team's website with comments opposing passage of the Freedom of Choice Act, which would codify Roe v. Wade and strike down abortion restrictions currently on the books.

When she sent the E-mail last night, Yoest says, there were fewer than 200 comments responding to a memo titled " Advancing Reproductive Rights and Health in a New Administration," on the Obama site, Now, there are almost 2,000 comments. Most—almost all, in fact—appear to be from abortion rights opponents. Here's a sampling of posts from today:

Dear President Elect Obama, I have been praying for the protection of you and your family, and I will continue to no matter what. Now, I am asking you to protect our unwanted babies in this nation. Babies are a blessing and not a curse. We are a civilized nation, and not barbarians seeking only pleasure and whatever is easy. Our nation needs to set a precedent of responsibility for our actions, now more than ever. We are excited for change, and we are excited to see what you can do for our nation. Please be a voice of reason and responsibility. We can learn a lot from our ancestors. The old testament is a testimony of what a godless nation reaps and always sows. God bless you.

Dear Mr. Obama, Life is a precious gift. Think of the people in your own life that makes a difference to you. They are a life, and how precious they are as is each person. Please do not sign FOCA. No one likes war because it kills a life, so does abortion.

Dear President-Elect Obama, I have followed with enthusiasm your proposed program, seen your desire to minimize war and diminish poverty. But I see inconsistency in your stance on abortion. We need for all our choices to be made responsibly, especially as we join with the Creator in initiating human life. Help us to recognize the sacredness of the choice made at that moment, rather than try to destroy its consequences.

Dear President Elect Obama, Please do not support or sign FOCA. Where is the "freedom" in this? We need to protect the "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" for ALL. I am be praying for you.

Mr. Obama. If you really have the power to stop abortions , you will. Why wouldn't you? Abortion is one of the reasons why America is losing the protection of God. Remember who has placed you as our president and return to Our Dear Lord your gratitude by abolishing abortion so you may have His continued blessing!

Comments areas are notorious for their nastiness, but I'm struck by the respectful tone of these protests. Does it mean pro-lifers see Obama as a different kind of Democrat, more willing to listen to their concerns than has traditionally been the case? In that regard, the civil tone suggests that Obama might be able to make headway with pro-lifers with policies that reduce demand for abortions without restricting abortion rights.

But the volume of comments also shows that the pro-life movement is very much engaged right now and can be quickly activated. If he removes Bush-era abortion restrictions, as expected—like banning U.S. funds from going to foreign groups that offer or promote abortion in family planning services—Obama will face a firestorm of criticism. And should he move beyond such traditionally Democratic policies to actually expand abortion rights through a law like FOCA, pro-lifers would go ballistic. They're already watching closely.